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Manganese ore
Wholesale price
from $260/t
Arion Company, LLP, KZ +12 ads
Commodity: Manganese ore Quantity: maximum up to 5000 MT per month Price CIF: $ 260 USD /MT Delivery term: CIF Port Asia Terms of payment: 100 %...
Within the radius of 40 km from Mangalia
Запасные части для дизелей
$1,200/pc DAP
Павлов П.А., SP, UA, 40 km
Продам: - насос забортной воды 6NVA 26A3. Бронзовый. Новый. С хранения. Цена 1200 $$$; - для NVD48 2, производства SKL: 501-206, плунжерные пары...
Irrigation machine mesh filter
$1,530/pc EXW
Полигон-авто, LLC, UA, 40 km +4 ads
Designed for filtration of irrigation water from a distribution network, supplied to stationary circular, mobile and frontal irrigation machines....
Control valve with 8 pressure regulator
$1,500/pc EXW
Полигон-авто, LLC, UA, 40 km +4 ads
Application Designed to stabilize and reduce pressure in the water supply network, thereby protecting pipeline and equipment connected to it from...
Pipeline with quick-release couplings Dn-150
$174/pc EXW
Полигон-авто, LLC, UA, 40 km +4 ads
The length of the pipe is 6 meters, weighing 27 kg, working pressure is 1.2 MPa. Designed to create and maintain irrigation systems, agricultural...
Water-intake self-cleaning floating filter DN-250
$4,500/pc EXW
Полигон-авто, LLC, UA, 40 km +4 ads
Is intended to be installed on a suction system of pumping stations with productivity up to 450 cubic meters. It allows to take water from open...
Water-intake filter DN-250 with check valve
$441/pc EXW
Полигон-авто, LLC, UA, 40 km +4 ads
Application and intallation Filter is designed for the installation on suction system of pump stations with capacity up to 350 CBM/hr. Allows to...
Aminol lubricating OILS
Price on request
ALCO, LLC, AZ, 40 km +1 ad
Aminol lubricating oils are produced based on advanced German Technology- in the plot allocated to "ALCO" LLC Limited ()
Plastic bucket
$0.49/pc FCA  
Wholesale price
L 0.48-0.50/pc
Торг, SP, TM, 40 km +2 ads
We are offering you our new unique plastic bucket. The offered thing is round, quality and affordable prices. It can be used for storage and...
Уголь от производителя: антрацит, кокс, углеродные материалы
Price on request
Альянс, LLC, RU, 40 km
Уголь антрацит от производителя с доставкой в Румынию оптом. Уголь высокого качества по выгодной цене. Мы готовы предложить уголь антрацит...
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